Early contender for Song of the Year 2015

For anyone living in the mid-Atlantic region or New England, I'd avoid this post. It won't make sense. March hasn't ushered in those hopeful sunny days promising the end of winter, and as such I'm not sure West Kust's "Swirl" is going to do much but whisper of a warmth and quality of light that is little more than a distant hopeful echo to you right now. You're probably listening to the sad songs off Radiohead's The Bends, perhaps even Sigur Rós' "Untitled 3" on repeat.

That said, West Kust are from Sweden, so it's not like the weather's a whole hell of a lot better out there right now. Maybe it's intentional, the dissonance. Or maybe Tuesday's release was meant primarily for West Kust's Australian fans. Or maybe they knew that Seattle has had more days of sun than rain in the last few weeks—hell, it's over 60° F and ridiculously sunny right now—and knew we needed a jam to help celebrate this feeling of early spring. I'll let history be the judge.

Anyways, if you love shoegaze, especially the distortion-tinted variety, "Swirl" is right up your alley. If you're a fan of Swedish indie pop/rock or fellow Swedish shoegazers School '94, that's not going to hurt your appreciation of this song.

If this song isn't on my "Best Songs of 2015" playlist, I'll be seriously surprised. Right now, I expect to be find it quite high up on that list.

And if you haven't heard of West Kust before, let's fix that.