Worth a Listen: Skeppet, 1987, and Linda Guilala

Despite hailing from Sweden, I only stumbled upon Skeppet a few months back when Not Not Fun—one of my favorite labels to keep an eye on—released their Phase 3 LP. If you are a fan of Studio (and if you're not, you really need to get on that) and calypso-esque, semi-psychedelic instrumental jams, Skeppet might just prove to be your soundtrack to the hazier moments of the death of this summer. Recommended for last trips to the beach and humid summer nights with friends (and/or beer).

If you find yourself digging Skeppet, Phase 3 is available as an LP through Not Not Fun, and as mp3s from Amazon.

To keep it pretty straight up Scandinavian, let's get into some 1987. While Victor Holmberg has more recently released the slow-building, beautiful "Michelle," I keep finding myself drawn back to the ethereal and haunting first single "Ocean."

In case you don't speak Swedish, yet still want an idea of what Holmberg's singing about, here's a rough translation of the pre-chorus and chorus:

I no longer want to wake up in the morning
I no longer want to look myself in the eyes
You still don't see the same things [that] I see
I see the flowers and the ocean from Österlen
I turn around
I sail away
I turn around
Before I fade away

Uplifting stuff, right?

To counter the elemental sadness of "Ocean," have you ever wondered was some uplifting, summer-y shoegaze would sound like with a Spanish-speaking frontwoman? Answer:

I can't help with the lyrics here, but goddamn if "Verano" isn't an amazing song to have on hand for these last few weeks of summer, and those first few weeks of autumn. (The rest of Xeristar is worth checking out, too.)

Big thanks to my friend Alan, who put Linda Guilala on his "Best of 2014" Spotify playlist. If like me, you're always hungry for new music, you should probably follow that playlist.

Also, you're welcome for not putting up a single band this week that sings in English. Maybe next time.