Worth A Listen: Manon Meurt and The Hanged Man

Nothing says late spring/early summer like shoegaze, and the Czech Republic's Manon Meurt craft the kind of wonderfully lush, gauzy music that's a fine compliment to a summery afternoon or evening. Even the lo(wer)-fi production adds a nice layer to their music, endowing it with an almost nostalgic quality. The self-titled EP is solid the whole way through, and is very much worth your time.

My buddy Alan makes Spotify playlists for all the tracks that tickle his fancy in a given year. His 2013 mix was pretty epic, and 2014's is shaping up to give last year's a run for its money. Yesterday he added this fantastic track from Sweden's The Hanged Man, the newest vehicle for Rebecka Rolfart. (If that name sounds familiar, Rebecka used to play guitar in Those Dancing Days and bass in Vulkano.)

Where Those Dancing Days were known for the pop prowess, The Hanged Man ventures into darker waters, at times echoing fellow Swedes Kent. Highly recommended.