Worth A Listen: Rivka, Goodbye Chanel, and Freeweights

One of the best things in life is being introduced to an amazing band you weren't aware of, either by fellow music nerd friends or by stumbling across a great blog, actually clicking on a last.fm recommendation, flipping through the "Related Artists" on Spotify, etc. Having been lucky enough to be turned on to a few great bands over the last few months, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

I stumbled across Rivka late last year, promptly sent their jam "Drift" to a number of friends, and included the song on our "Best of 2013" playlist. Hailing from Pittsburg, Rivka create hazy dreamscapes that shift seamlessly between the aural palates of Blackbird Blackbird and Clams Casino. While those two artists are decent reference points, Rivka very much have their own unique voice, and I am excited to see what the duo get up to next.

You can grab Rivka's Faded at Hoko Sounds' bandcamp page.

Just this week, KCRW's Spotify app turned me on to the Leeds outfit Goodbye Chanel. I was a bit surprised to hear these guys came from West Yorkshire of all places—one of England's more landlocked locales—especially as "Youth," off the recently released Hot City Nights EP, instantly made me miss the beaches of O'ahu and reminded me a little of the upbeat, nostalgic compositions of Monster Rally (whose Return to Paradise basically became the soundtrack to my Hawaiian vacation). I can guarantee that jams off Hot City Nights will be sneaking into my mixtapes all summer.

Hot City Nights can be purchased at Goodbye Chanel's bandcamp page.

As has become a common fixture of my life, my dear friend Alan got me into yet another band. This time it was Finland's Freeweights and their jam "Infinite Repeats," which, as Alan put it, is "so awesomely '80s MTV." All Scandinavian aptly states that the band's sound is influenced by "neon decade greats such as Duran Duran, Erasure, Spandau Ballet and A-ha," which hits the nail pretty firmly on the head. It's like stepping into an '80s workout montage of rad.

Both of Freeweights' most recent singles, "Your Design" and "Infinite Repeats," are available on Amazon.