Johan's Music Highlights from 2014

Here are the music highlights of the year from my dear friend Johan Nordin.

OK, so here are my takeaways from 2014 (more kid watching than music discovering).

Best full album of the year, silky smooth: SOS, SOS

Best sitting-on-a-bus-during-summer-going-anywhere-song: Eternal Summers, "100"

Best The Antlers-song-because-its-the-goddamn-Antlers-the-best-band-in-the-world: The Antlers, "Palace"

Best falsetto: JMR, "Shivers"

Best music-I-don't-normally-listen-to-but-this-shit-rocked-my-boat: PHOX, "1936"

Best overall song that makes me want to freaking jump around but because of the beautiful restraint in the magical drop at the 1 minute mark I can't (and it can possibly heal the sick with it's sick beats): Ryn Weaver, "OctaHate (Cashmere Cat Remix)"

Those are my highlights!

Added bonus: Best band name of the year, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I'm No Longer Afraid To Die