Johan Nordin's Top 10 of 2013

Longtime friend Johan Nordin took a few minutes off from celebrating his Fantasy Hockey prowess—to be fair, I taunted him for the one and a half weeks I was #1, and now I am struggling to hold on to sixth place—and enjoying life in Madrid to share with This City of Islands his Top 10 albums from last year.

I have compiled a little list for you that you can do as you see fit with. PS Kicking your ass in fantasy still, over a month as NAMBAH WAN!!!

RY X - berlin EP cover.jpg

1. RY X—Berlin
2. Blood Orange—Cupid Deluxe
3. Shadow Shadow—Riviera
4. Autre Ne Veut—Anxiety
5. Baths—Obsidian
6. St. Lucia—When The Night
7. Disclosure—Settle
8. Kate Boy—Northern Lights
9. Active Child—Rapor
10. CHVRCHES—The Bones Of What You Believe

Wildcard: Thumpers—Unkinder