Q22013: The Year in Music (So Far), Part 1

This is what I cared about between April and June, or what I liked to call Beach House's off-season. (In alphabetical order.)

Austra Olympia.jpg

Katie Stelmanis’ (characteristically) polemical lyrics threaded within expansive synth-pop; best heard while wearing a double breasted blazer and ordering a drink at the dance club in Adventureland

Dirty BeachesDrifters/Love is The Devil
Alex Zhang Hungtai’s arresting kaleidoscope of hums and haunts, isolated among muffled riffs; pair with a surplus jacket and spotty pencil moustache

Guy and Howard Lawrence pave a sequence of constant energy through their smooth oscillation between sampling and synthesis; best heard in a mesh tank top while wearing five glow stick necklaces

kurt vile wakin on a pretty daze.jpg

Jose Gonzalez’s beautiful soundscape of strums and whispers that make me want to fall asleep in a good way; pair with a shirtdress and most nautical things

Kurt VileWakin on a Pretty Daze
Vile’s warmest, simplest, most relaxed balladry of sighs and wah's (ironically reflecting his cascading hair); best heard in a denim vest while spraying a can of Herbal Essence’s “Tousle Me Softly”