Brothers in Law

Brothers in Law,  Hard Times for Dreamers

Brothers in Law, Hard Times for Dreamers

Had I only stumbled across Sounds Better with Reverb's site earlier and read their post about the phenomenal Italian shoegaze/indie rock trio Brothers in Law, I'm pretty sure not only would I be a more educated fan of music (seriously, if you don't have Sounds Better with Reverb bookmarked, do so), but I would have had at least one more band on the Quarterly Report. It's been a while since I stumbled upon a band wielding the talents of Brothers in Law (or a record of the quality of Hard Times for Dreamers), and the fact that spring is finally here (60+ degrees!) on the East Coast hasn't hurt how well the band and their album are sitting with me. While I know all the cool kids are into this R&B Revivalist Movement or Brostep or whatever, you really can't beat fantastic shoegaze on a beautiful spring day.

Since discovering Hard Times for Dreamers, it's all I have been listening to. I think I'm on my eighth or ninth spin now. I was so sure I'd fallen into a good thing that I sent the Spotify link to my girlfriend Lauren and my dear friend Alan Szymkowiak, two of the toughest music critics I know (and with good reason, they have phenomenal taste), and now I'm sharing it with This City of Island's readership. All three of you! Yes, I know. You're more than welcome.

But seriously, give Brothers in Law a listen. I haven't been this impressed with a band since my friend Andrew Bradick took me to Williamsburg to see Diiv (when they were still called Dive). The entire record is phenomenal, start to finish, and Hard Times for Dreamers is available for purchase at their bandcamp site (in a variety of mediums) and, as previously mentioned, is also on Spotify. And in case you aren't feeling much like leaving this page, I've included the opening track below. If you do venture to their bandcamp site or Spotify, however, check out "Go Ahead," one of the highlights of the record, and "Childhood"—it's a slower jam, but goddamn does it pay off.