As usual, I'm a little late to this dance (big thanks to Clash for catching me up this morning). Tardiness aside, I'm still going to type out a bit of praise for Drowners (not to be confused with the Drowners, especially as both bands presently share a Spotify page) and their fine EP Between Us Girls.

Named after Suede's first single and proudly demonstrating their affection for the Smiths, Is This It-era NYC garage rock, and guitar-driven Brit Pop, Drowners signed on to Birthday Records (founded by the Kaiser Chief's former drummer Nick Hodgson) late last year, with Between Us Girls, released last month, serving as their debut offering. Coming in at just under six minutes, the EP is wonderfully addicting—I think I'm on my eighth or ninth listen through at the moment (and will likely be on my eleventh or twelth by the time I finish this piece)—and makes me long for summer.

"Long Hair" sets the tone, the opening guitar work echoing the distinctive style of Johnny Marr before the song propels into the chorus—and a damned catchy chorus it is. My first few listens, I thought "Long Hair" was destined to be my favorite, but "You've Got It All Wrong" and "A Shell Across the Tongue" are definitely growing on me. All in all, Between Us Girls is a fine accomplishment. As much as the Guardian wants to bitch and moan about the comparisons to the Smiths, attempting instead to label Drowners a punk-pop band, Paul Lester's overview fails to note just how difficult it is to write a compelling (indie-/Brit-/punk-)pop composition, let alone three, and to craft an EP under 10 minutes that is as intriguing and pleasurable as Between Us Girls. Definitely worth checking out. Seriously, worse comes to worst, you lose six minutes of your life.