Avi Roig's 11 Tracks for 2013

I approached Avi Roig, who used to run the brilliant Scandinavian music journal It's a Trap!, to get in on the Top 10 albums of the year bandwagon, but he had already done a phenomenal job of this task over at Absolut Noise (seriously, check it out, especially if you enjoy Scandinavian jams). Luckily, Avi had plenty more to share.

11 TRACKS FOR 2013

I already compiled my favorite album list for another online publication, but I didn't want to leave Lars empty-handed since he asked so nicely. So here's my contribution, an EOY playlist with 11 of my favorite tracks for the year. Many come from my favorite records too, so by all means, dig deeper if you like what you hear!

1. Kite—"The Rhythm"
This was the year I finally connected with dance music. Kite has always been great, but their latest EP V is their best yet.

2. Magnus Ekelund & Stålet—"Svartöstaden"
Three reasons why I chose song instead of many other worthy selections off Dödskult: that huge drum hit every 2nd bar during the verse, the creepy-weird falsetto la-la-las on the chorus and that killer "hey" on the break at the half-way point.

3. Könsförrädare—"Death to Stories"
Let's give it up for the lost art of the vocal arrangement!

4. In Solitude—"Jesus i Betong"
The best metal band of the year covers Cortex, one of the greatest bands of all-time.

5. Ekman—"Missing Satellite Problem"
Along with Drvg Cvltvre, there's some seriously great dismal acid house techno coming out of the Netherlands. That slurred vocal = total sci-fi nightmare.

6. Vanligt Folk—"Idioter av församlingen"
Punk energy set to industrial beats and infused with radical politics.

7. Beastmilk—"Nuclear Winter"
There's been a lot of well-deserved praise heaped on these guys for their spot-on 80s goth-rock revivalism, but what really gets me about this particular song is the way it employs various gospel music tropes such as call and response vocals and hand-claps and applies it to Cold War apocalypse paranoia instead of the usual Revelations fire and brimstone.

8. Makthaverskan—"Antabus"
Such an audacious choice for an album's lead track, such inspired fury.

9. Haust—"No"
Emphatically: yes. "I want my life to make sense."

10. Austra—"Home"
Why yes, I do have a thing for overly-dramatic pop, thanks for asking.

11. We Are the Storm—"Monument"
Ibid. Tear it down and start again.