The Mary Onettes, "Evil Coast"

the mary onettes evil coast.jpg

With "Evil Coast," not only does the sheer joy of hearing a new the Mary Onettes song wash over you, but as the composition is produced by the talented Dan Lissvik (of the late and criminally underrated duo Studio) the overall experience is rather transcendent. Yes, perhaps excitement has blossomed into hyperbole, but the track truly is as solid a first offering as one could ask for.

Selfishly, I hope a little more is to come our way before Hit the Waves is released by Labrador on 12 March 2013, especially as the Mary Onettes are one of my go to winter bands. And there's reason to be hopeful that more might be coming very soon as Labrador is releasing the digital single for "Evil Coast" on 27 November. Fingers crossed this means at least one b-side. If not, I guess I'll have to find a way to work "Evil Coast" into every single one of my winter playlists.