This City of Islands is back... and (seriously) better than ever!


The Great Internet Drought of 2013 ended last Sunday—just in time for me to come down with a terrible summer cold!

Luckily, This City of Islands has grown to include two of my favorite peoplewho also happen to be damned talented, smart, and witty writers—Lauren Lauzon and Patrick Thomson. Yes, yes, I'm in a relationship with one and am related to the other, but nepotism and cronyism is what this country was built on, so write your local political representative if you have complaints. Anyways, Patrick has already proven himself with his fantastic essay on Lil Wayne, and as any dedicated readers of This City of Islands have already seen Lauren's influence has popped up quite a bit, especially in this piece, so adding them to the team wasn't really a hard decision.

As I am recovering from both internet deprivation (it's a real thing) and a more realistic illness, I've posted both Lauren's and Patrick's sections of the second Quarterly Report, with my section (complemented by friends' lists and notes) to follow shortly. Not that you'll care too much about my piece after reading the first two parts, which amazingly didn't overlap at all, suggesting at the wondrous glut of fantastic music that sprung forth in April, May, and June.

This City of Islands will resume normal (and hopefully better than our usual "normal," i.e. "useless") business next week, with "In the News" pieces occurring at a more regular frequency, further "Dispatches" dispatched, and the rest of the site not so criminally neglected. 

I've also started an Instagram account for This City of Islands—you know, if you care to follow us there. And I promise to get better about the Twitter, too... not that you follow TCoI on Twitter, but you can! Even out of pity. I won't mind.