Satanic Yoga, Rumsfeld "Can't Tell" if Obama Wants Terrorists to Win, WaPo Employees Outside Paywall, Superman's Panties, Exoplanets, and a Smiths-esque Tribute to Dickens

yoga induced satanic possession.jpg

In 2008, Virginia gubernatorial candidate E.W. Jackson took a position that should seem rather extreme, even bizarre, but apparently is rather common among conservative Christians: those who practice yoga are at high risk for demonic possession. For Jackson and other rightwingers, yoga is not just something your coworker seriously won't shut up about, but makes said coworker a likely candidate to be a plaything for Satan. In the words of Jackson, "The purpose of such meditation is to empty oneself. . . . [Satan] is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it." While you're trying to figure out how in the world these people exist, or why The Atlantic is only now reporting on position a politician took five years ago, rest assured that the Christian right has developed a "safe" and "non-Satanic" alternative to yoga. It's called PraiseMoves. Makes you proud to be an American.

Speaking of proud Americans, Donald Rumsfeld apparently "can't tell" if Obama wants the terrorists to win. I guess killing Osama Bin Laden and pushing the envelope on drone attacks, let alone failing to close Guantanamo Bay, isn't enough for the disgraced, half-bright former Secretary of Defense. The Atlantic Wire's Philip Bump sums up Rumseld's plan for Obama to win the War on Terror(ism): "One: Bring back forced renditions. And, two: Insist that the terrorists are everywhere, waiting, lurking. Only then will [Obama] earn Rumsfeld's respect." No word on whether Rumsfeld is relieved that there is no evidence that Obama practices yoga.

To continue this entry's theme of ridiculousness, The Washington Post is going to make its own employees pay for access to the site they work for. Along with the rest of us, Washington Post employees will have to pay $9.99 to access more than twenty articles on the WaPo website starting 12 June. Seems that The Washington Post felt that the US Department of Justice wasn't doing a good enough job oppressing journalists.

Because nerds will take issue with just about anything (trust me), including a Superman film that actually looks half decent, Filmdrunk presents Zack Snyder's reasoning behind the decision to do away with Superman's panties. Just a mild warning to readers, Filmdrunk's Vince Mancini likes to use terms like "flicks my boner," so just know you're in for some quality journalism.

Ever since my girlfriend Lauren watched Melancholia she's been quite interested in astronomy, particularly rogue planets. Today she retweeted a story from The Atlantic Wire about an exoplanet that's been photographed, a rare event, at over 300 lightyears away. This planet is the "lightest such object ever to be directly filmed by human beings."

And, finally, my friend Andy Minor brought the following video to my attention. Are you interested in the Smiths and/or Charles Dickens? Yes? Then this video is for you.