Matt Smith Returns Honorary Doctorate, Dan Harmon Back in Community College, Unheroic Behavior, Ricin Investigation Drama, and Boards of Canada to Stream New Album Tomorrow

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Such was the news of Matt Smith's departure from Doctor Who that not only was it set to make front page news today, but despite the British press trying to play ball with the studio these front pages start leaking out last night. And now that the initial shock of Smith's impending exit has worn off—not only do we live in the world of drastically reduced attention spans, but Smith is the eleventh actor to depict the Doctor after all—everyone is now wondering who will be the next Doctor. BBC News has put forward a number of the names swirling about in the rumor mill, including Luther's Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren, and John Hurt, who already appeared as one of the Doctors at the end of last season, and is also set to reprise this role in the highly anticipated 50th anniversary episode. There appears to be both the desire and support for a woman and/or a minority to become the Doctor for the first time in the show's history, and why not for the show's 50th anniversary?

While I was a bit more of a David Tennant fan, I grew to quite enjoy Matt Smith's Doctor Who, and it's impossible to deny his role in the show's renewed popularity. Like any good Doctor, he left his mark on the show and, along with the most recent actors who took on the role, set the bar quite high for the next incarnation of the Doctor. So farewell, Mr. Smith, and all the best in your future endeavors. You did a whole lot more than just make bow ties cool again.

Alongside loss (and rumors of regeneration) in Televisionland, there is also the return of the prodigal son: ousted showrunner Dan Harmon is returning to Community. Also returning is writer and producer Chris McKenna. Hitfix's Alan Sepinwell provides one reason for this unprecedented move: seeing as wresting control of Community from Harmon didn't result in a major success, "[Sepinwell] can see Sony deciding to appease both their stars and the fans, and perhaps enhance the show's afterlife on DVD, streaming, etc." In some ways this infers that NBC/Sony may not foresee Community living on too much longer, especially if they're already thinking about the show's "afterlife." In any case, the show is back for a fifth season with its former captain back at the helm, and that's reason for Community fans to celebrate.

As even passing fans of superhero comics and films know, when you get more than a few superheroes in a room there's often the potential for conflict. Fan favorite Joss Whedon made quite a bit of this in his rather successful Avengers film. And so life imitates art: a rather unheroic superhero brawl broke out on Hollywood Boulevard last week. Apparently some "heroes" were pickpocketing tourists and other "heroes" took issue with this, leading to violence. And no, it wasn't just Catwoman robbing people.

Speaking of keeping it classy, a divorcing couple's accusations have placed them at the center of the recent ricin-laced letters investigation. The story is almost has tragic as it is ridiculous, and as such I highly recommend giving it a browse. Nothing like a pregnant actress (best known for her role as one of many zombies on The Walking Dead) accusing her husband, who still contracts for the Department of Defense, of sending the letters, only for him to accuse her of the same crime. Oh, and this is all set in Texas, in case you were wondering.

And from the absurd to the (hopefully) sublime: Boards of Canada will stream the entirety of their new album Tomorrow's Harvest tomorrow, Monday, 3 June. The album is out in Europe on 10 June and here in the United States the next day.