Wayne Coyne Warps Your Mind, Water vs. 24hz Sine Wave (aka Science!), The History of Jeans, Paul Ryan: Supposed Math Wizard, More Ravens Fly the Coop, and the Cyber Cold War

While some are surprised by the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne attempting to rewire our brains in order to shore up profits over at Virgin Mobile, I'm not. The man wrote an album entitled Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, you know? The short piece over at Pitchfork also pointed out this isn't Coyne's first foray into the advertising world. I guess I was too busy crying into my drink and/or screaming obscenities at Ravens fans in a Vikings bar in the East Village (seriously) to notice Coyne's Hyundai commercial during the Super Bowl.

Speaking of bizarre, my sister Anna showed me this crazy Water vs. 24hz Sine Wave video last night (this is just "Experiment #2," Google around for others), and now it's all over the internets. I appreciate Colossal's take on this strange phenomenon: "How is this even possible? Because science, my friends." If someone had only shown me this video back when I was struggling my way through GCSE-level physics, biology, and chemistry, I might have tried to stick it out with the sciences. Instead, I'm about to graduate with an MA in English Literature. Someone save a seat for me at the 1%ers annual dinner, preferably one close to the Romneys! (Don't worry, there's one more Romney joke yet.)

While I am typically wary of posting articles from both Pitchfork and Vice in the same segment (as it might give some the impression that I think that type of behavior is okay), I was intrigued by Vice's article on the history of blue jeans. Not a bad read at all, and filled with a fair amount of amusing asides about the formerly proletarian, very Western fabric.

And while on the subject of Americana, there's nothing quite as American a good old budget showdown (you know, while the country is already plunging ever further into The Great Sequestering), especially when Vice Presidential failure/supposed math wizard Paul Ryan is involved. NPR's Mark Memmott put up a piece this morning regarding Ryan's claim that his new budget proposal will balance out in 10 years (yes, that's 10 years quicker than what he promised earlier—Mittens must be so pissed). If you're interested, the entirety of Ryan's budget plan is included in the article, along with the obligatory White House response that Ryan's math "just doesn't add up."

Further details about the Baltimore Ravens bizarre implosion were released today. Along with news from ESPN that the Brown's picked up Paul Kruger (and that Dannell Ellerbe is now a Miami Dolphin), there was speculation over at Pro Football Talk that Ed Reed might join Anquan Boldin as a 49er, but this talk appears to have been dismissed as a "smokescreen aimed at creating interest in Reed." And according to ESPN, nobody bothered to mention to Boldin that he was even being considered for a trade. In an interview given during his mission to Africa, Boldin said he had "no idea" and had been rather shocked to learn the news. The best part of that whole ESPN article is the "Anquan was a great receiver... but at the same time" moment from Joe Flacco, whose new salary ($120 million over six years) probably played a rather large factor in Boldin being shipped out to San Francisco to free up cap space. If it's any consolation Anquan, I think you'll have a better shot at another ring out West with Brother Jim. And if, like me, you often find yourself reading the same sports news stories at different sites, here's Grantland's sharp take on both the Percy Harvin and Anquan Boldin trades.

And just in case you guys didn't think This City of Islands was taking the Cyber Cold War seriously enough, here's yet another piece from the Economist on the internet, this time: Cybercrime. And no, it's not a whole lot like Minority Report, sadly. Not yet anyways.