Feminist Donkey Kong, David Bowie's Not Dead, Four Tet Remixes JT, Percy Harvin's a Seahawk, Creepy (& Obvious) Stuff People Will Do with Google Glass, & the Internet's Value

After his daughter asked if she could play as the princess in Donkey Kong, Mike Mika hacked the game in order to fulfill this dream and, as the Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal put it, "casually cod[ed] some feminism into Nintendo's heroic myths." Wonder if this will be the start of a trend.

Grantland's Chuck Klosterman and Alex Pappademas released their email exchange from last summer when it was erroneously reported that David Bowie had died. Obviously, as the release of his new album demonstrates, Bowie is very much alive and well. Still, the exchange is not only entertaining, but rather insightful, just as Klosterman's emails to and from Malcom Gladwell about the Manti T'eo scandal/Fake Dead Girlfriendgate were. Fantastic read, and not bad press to come out around the same time as a new album.

Stereogum started a number of people's days off in spectacular fashion, uploading Four Tet's remix of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" this morning. Not to be outdone, Pitchfork also posted the remix and a new track from Four Tet, "For These Times," from the Nonplus Compilation Think and Change. I guess this is why Reagan was so keen on competition in the free market.

ESPN reports that the Seahawks are looking to make the NFC West an even closer race next season, picking up the Vikings' Percy Harvin in what looks to be a damn smart move. The trade isn't too unexpected: the Seahawks want give as many weapons as possible to their breakout quarterback Russell Wilson, and Harvin hasn't exactly been quiet about his desire to leave the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Like any 49ers fan, it pains me to see the Seahawks shoring up a Super Bowl-caliber roster more than capable of being division champions, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the city of Seattle, and for the NFC West as a division, so I'll let this bit of news pass without devolving into the proud and foul-mouthed San Francisco fan I sometimes allow myself to be. Any more shit like this, however, and I cannot be held responsible for the rage-laden prose that find their way onto this site or for the Twitter rant surely to precede it.

UPDATE: According to ESPN, the 49ers just grabbed the Ravens' Anquan Boldin for a 6th round draft pick! And just when I thought Pete Carroll might have been upstaging Jim Harbaugh. Not sure how this is going to effect Harbaugh relations, though, especially if Boldin helps lead us back to the Super Bowl.

Beyond the issues I am trying not to have with the Seahawks, ReadWrite has pointed out some obvious issues that are going to arise with the introduction of Google's anxiously awaited, yet highly unstylish product Glass. As far as this technologically challenged English major can figure out, these are basically the glasses that kid was wearing at the beginning of V/H/S, but now instead of winding up on video cassette in some old not-quite-dead dude's house, that type of nonsense is going to be far more widely available on the internet. "No like?" Maybe not, strange monster creature. Maybe not.

And to finish off this first edition of "In the News," the Economist's Hal Varian has written a very engaging column on "the value of the internet now and in the future." And no, dear reader, I didn't just throw this in here to make it look like I care about things outside of video games, music, sports, and horror movies. Honest.