Lunch Break Reads: Hullabaloo, Franco's New Look, Jack the Ripper, Blood Simple, Japan's Excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Millennials Can Read! / by Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Do you like Steampunk and animation? Well, so does James Lopez (whose talents can be seen in The Lion King and Paperman), and he is asking for support to continue work on his project, Hullabaloo.

The story sounds like a ton of fun (details on the campaign page), it's wonderfully refreshing that there are two female leads, the man wants to save 2D animation, and the perks for supporting Hullabaloo's IndieGoGo campaign are pretty fantastic. They've already reached their initial and stretch goals (enough for three short films), but throwing more cash at this project can only make it better, and hopefully boost the chances of a television series or full-length film.

Loving James Franco's new look. Can't wait for it to sweep the nation.

From Uproxx:

The actor, who attended the event to promote his directorial effort The Sound of Fury and to receive the festival’s “Glory to the Filmmaker Award” showed up sporting a rather odd look. A velvet suit, fake mustache, bald head and tattoo of Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift were all part of the star’s zany makeover, but apparently his new style isn’t just for show. It’s for show business.
Franco did double duty at the festival, attending his own premiere while simultaneously filming scenes for his upcoming movie Zeroville. The new project is set in the ’70s and follows the life of a Hollywood obsessed man who is “so enamored with movies that they become a religion to him” the actor told the Associated Press.

Wonder where Franco will place that "Glory to the Filmmaker Award," as I'm sure his mantle has to be pretty cluttered with MFAs and PhDs and his own art and all that.

Better late than never, right? The Guardian is reporting that an "armchair detective"—a more comfortable and less endangered cousin of the "hardboiled detective"—claims that Jack the Ripper was in fact a Polish immigrant named Aaron Kosminski.

Glad that only took 126 years to clear up!

The Atlantic's Christopher Orr has embarked on a journey to watch (and take notes on) all of the Coen Brother's films. His notes on Blood Simple, which he ranks as their 6th best out of 16 films, can be read here.

Let's just say the Japanese are super excited for Rocket and Groot. As they damn well should be!

Surprising many, a new report has come out claiming that not only can Millennials read, but that they use this skill to read things other than their exes' Twitter feeds and Tumblr posts! Amazing.

From the Huffington Post:

BuzzFeed came out on top for both total readership and millennial readership, with 68,748 total unique visitors and 38,499 millennial visitors. However, despite the success of these millennial publications, the New York Times still came in second for overall readership and fourth for millennial readership, with about 20 percent more millennial readers than Vice.

And before you scoff at BuzzFeed's popularity, take a moment to remember the last time you trolled that site for hot cat pictures. Wasn't that long ago, was it?