Lunch Break Reads: RIP Richard Attenborough, Youth Homelessness, A Tale of Two Sams, Ukrainian Satanists, and Lumpy Chicken Breast Skin / by Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Richard Attenborough died yesterday at the age of 90. While I definitely fit into the Los Angeles Times' bracket of "younger generations [who] might know [Attenborough] for his role in Jurassic Park"—my brother and I did force my father to take us to see that film in the theaters 30+ times the summer it was released—I was also a big fan of his other work. Sad to hear of his passing, but happy he lived a long, productive life, and that he left behind so much for the rest of us. Read the Los Angeles Times' remembrance of the screen legend here

While I have no real hate for Miley Cyrus, she doesn't really interest me, either. Well, until last night. I have to give up some respect to Miley for sending Jesse, a young homeless person, to accept her award and to talk to a room full of very wealthy people about homelessness in America, the so-called "greatest country on earth," a country where, as Jesse put it, "The music industry will make over $7 million this year and outside these doors [in Los Angeles] are 54,000 human beings who have no place to call home." Well put, Jesse. Read more at Rolling Stone.

I hope you didn't draft Sam Bradford onto your fantasy football team this past weekend, because... well, the poor kid is out for the season with another injury to his left knee, the same knee that kept him sidelined for much of last season. While the Rams are rivals of my 49ers, I have a lot of respect and admiration for the NFC West teams, and was really hoping to see the Rams put together a solid season this year. Read more at USA Today.

In other Rams-related news, a football fan promised free drinks to all of humanity if Michael Sam sacked and mocked Johnny "Football" Manziel, which happened, twice

Understandably, the fan backed off the bet, and instead donated to a charity of Sam's choice, the St. Louis Boys & Girls Club. Read more at Bleacher Report.

Russian media outlet Rossia 24 attempted to forge some tenuous link between Ukrainian political leaders and satanic cults. Yes, you read that right. Satanic cults

Guess Rossia 24 really felt like one-upping Rush Limbaugh. Or they're just really, really excited for Constantine to debut on NCB this October! (Me too!)

Read the full story over at The Atlantic

She was transfixed by the gleam of his uncooked chicken breast skin. So raw, so lumpy.

One of Buzzfeed's many fine examples from the article, "If White Characters Were Described Like People of Color in Literature." Pretty much a must read.