Lunch Break Reads: Florida Sucks, Bunny Adoption, Facebook and Satire, Police Militarization, Hemingway, Robin Williams, and Lady Gaga / by Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Guess which state is trying to suggest that marijuana cookies might be used to date rape people if its citizens vote to allow legal access to medical marijuana? Yep, that's right. Florida. Read the story over at Mic.

Just to prove that the world isn't all going to hell in a hellacious tempest of police violence and border clashes, a cat named Snaggle Puss adopts a baby bunny.

Yes, it's every bit as adorable as you hoped. And yes, perhaps it will help restore your sense of hope and optimism after what's been a pretty shitty few weeks. Make that a really shitty few weeks.

We're due for some uplifting news soon, right?

Just to let all of our parents know they wasted a shit ton of cash sending us to university, Facebook is now going to alert users when a news story is satirical or not. Because, you know, that's a (necessary) thing now. Full story over at The Wire. (And as much as I enjoy the online publication formerly known as The Atlantic Wire, it still disappoints me to type "The Wire" and for it not to refer to the actual The Wire—you know, the Baltimore, McNulty, failed drug war one with a lot of British actors cast as Americans.)

Speaking of the blurred lines between the satirical and the all-too-frighteningly real, here is Jon Oliver continuing to be the best: "I know the police love their ridiculous, unnecessary military equipment, so here's another patronizing test: let's take it all away from them, and if they can make it through a whole month without killing an unarmed black man, then and only then can they get their fucking toys back."

Edward Mendelson takes on the question "Who Was Ernest Hemingway?" over at The New York Review of Books. Interestingly enough, Mendelson claims he wasn't just a bitter dude overcompensating for having been dressed up and raised as a girl! (All joking aside, it is The New York Review of Books, so it's a solid essay, especially if you have any interest in Mr. Hemingway, letters from famous authors, between-wars Europe, and so on.)

To continue the literary theme: "It seems significant that one of the most popular clips recirculating since Williams’s suicide is his reading of a Whitman poem in Dead Poets Society. He contained multitudes." The New Yorker on the sad passing of Robin Williams. (On a related note, I rewatched Dead Poets Society last night, and the film still felt as important yesterday as it must have when it was released in 1989 and when I first saw it with my father in the mid 1990s. It even made me feel a little bit better about being packed up and shipped off to an all boys boarding school outside of Oxford when I was 12.)

And so as not to end on a total downer: Lady Gaga doing the bucket of ice water challenge to raise awareness and support for ALS... and not even flinching. More at Time (including Conan getting doused in freezing water).