(Late) Lunch Break Reads: Zombeavers, John Lennon, Race in Pro Football, and Morrissey / by Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

As if this year wasn't already off to a rather fine start with regards to television and movies—a pilot has been ordered for the small screen adaptation of my favorite comic book series, Hellblazer; Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg, and Breaking Bad's Sam Catlin are involved in bringing Preacher to AMCTrue Detective has more than satisfied my need for a dark, noir-ish crime show—now we have zombeavers to look forward to.

Yes, zombie beavers, and all the wonderful double entendres that come along with having a film full of beaver. It's like someone watched Evil Dead and thought, "Not bad. Could have used more undead beavers, though."

Check out the full story at Uproxx.


Rolling Stone unearthed some previously unheard interviews with John Lennon in 1968.

In one of the interviews, Lennon responds to the infamous Black Dwarf letter that accused Lennon of being "hostile to the growing disillusionment of youth towards authoritarian figures" in the song "Revolution."

Lennon responded, "I believe in change. That's what Yoko and my scene is, to change it like that… And you're not preaching to the converted… Well, what are they doing? What can they do? [Referencing the Black Dwarf letter] All I'm saying is I think you should do it by changing people's heads and they're saying, 'Well we should smash the system.' Now, the system smashing scene's been going on forever, y'know? What's it done?"

Lauren passed on this story from Salon: "White Privilege on the Football Field." Definitely worth a read. You may not agree with everything Ian Blair has to say, but it's a discussion worth having.

On a related note, Deadspin unveiled "The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks." The piece highlights "one of the smallest fraternities" in the NFL, and sports in general. As the article notes, the Seattle Seahawk's Russell Wilson is only "the second African-American quarterback ever to start and win a Super Bowl."

And apparently listening to Morrissey can actually brighten your day. Hmm. Not sure about that one.


Check out the whole piece at Salon.