Lunch Break Reads: Literature Saves Lives, Brains Can't Handle the Moon, "Serial" Obsession, My Power Animal, and Latrinalia / by Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Despite the fact the kid wants to attribute the whole thing to God, fact is a book stopped a bullet with his name on it during the recent school shooting at Florida State University. And that book sure wasn't the Bible.

More, including photos of the book and bullet in question, at Gawker.

As this photograph demonstrates, the moon really isn't any larger when its on or closer to the horizon than when it creeps up the sky. So, like, why can't our brains handle the moon? 

Nautilus is on the case.

Thanks to Lauren, I've become—like so many others—obsessed with the Serial podcast. In order to help us Serialites grasp the full extent of our obsession, The Bold Italic has created some phenomenal graphs. My favorite:

Related: The Guardian's Bella Mackie digs into the "Serial backlash" and how it fits an overall pattern of "thing gets popular on the internet, cue the haters."

If I was a dog, I'd be this particular golden retriever. This explains why I haven't finished anything of merit since my early 20s.

And finally, The Atlantic digs into "latrinalia"—which is what academics call bathroom graffiti.