Useless, Now Broken / by Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

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Sadly, in the midst of bemoaning my own uselessness and getting caught up in a series of tumultuous events (moving out of one apartment, looking for another, finishing my final research project, graduating with a master's degree in English Literature), I broke my foot. Mental and psychological uselessness is now complemented with physical uselessness.

Going to try to overcome all of this uselessness soon. Have a few things in the works: a number of half-finished essays and reviews to dust off and refashion into something else, an intensely nerdy email back-and-forth with my friend Paul on the latest Star Trek film, Into Darkness, need to bug my brilliant cousin Patrick for another essay or two, and I may even publish some of the (edited, reworked) response papers and/or sections of the essay I produced for my independent study on the (Stateside) literature of the Vietnam War.

Just wanted to break the silence and proclaim that, all evidence to the contrary, This City of Islands is not (yet) dead.